Group Members

Jon E. Gudmundsson

Senior Research Scientist, started Aug 2018

  • PhD in Physics with William C. Jones ― Princeton University
  • MSc in Physics ― Princeton University
  • BSc in Physics ― University of Iceland

Alexandre Adler '23

PhD student, started Sep 2019

  • Master in Astronomy & Astrophysics (Gravitational Systems Dynamics) ― Observatoire de Paris
  • MSc in Physics ― Imperial College London
  • BSc in Physisc ― Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

Konstantina Dachlythra '23

PhD student, started Sep 2019

  • MSc in Quantum Physics ― Københavns University
  • BSc in Physics ― National and Kapodestrian University of Athens

Alexeii Molin

Visiting Masters student

  • MSc (ongoing) ― Paris-Saclay University
  • BSc in Fundamental Physics ― Paris-Saclay University

Past Members

Adriaan J. Duivenvoorden '19

Stockholm University PhD student. Now postdoc at Princeton University.

Matteo Billi '21

Visiting PhD student from the University of Bologna