A 7-lecture series on introductory cosmology using Liddle's textbook as a reference. Part of Stockholm University's FK5024 (Particle and nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology). The latex notes and associated figures are available on github (link), but the lecture notes can also be found below. Lecture notes are largely based on notes passed on from Prof. Lars Bergström who taught this part of the course in 2018.

Fall 2020 lectures

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Fall 2019 lectures

Lecture 11: Stellar fusion, Big Bang nucleosynthesis, supernovae, and white dwarf

Lecture 12: Distance measurements through parallax, luminosity and magnitudes, the Hubble-Lemaître law

Lecture 13: Hubble-Lemaître law continued, cosmic expansion, the Friedmann equations, equation of state

Lecture 14: Cosmological constant (dark energy), critical energy density

Lecture 15: Dark matter, The cosmic microwave background (CMB) and relation to early universe physics

Lecture 16: Fundamental problems in big bang cosmology, cosmic inflation

Lecture 17: Review slides (complemented by blackboard discussion)

Combined: All notes in one pdf

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Masters-level course on cosmology and astroparticle physics at Stockholm University. The lecture notes are largely based on notes from D. Baumann and E. Komatsu (look up their lecture notes, they're incredibly useful) as well as notes from previous course instructors.

Spring 2017

CMB: The cosmic microwave background (CMB), blackbody, recombination, reionization, homogeneity and isotropy, the Sachs-Wolfe Effect, CMB anisotropies

Large scale structure: Baryon acoustic oscillations, Newtonian perturbation theory, Fourier analysis of matter densities, power spectra, sound horizon, Gaussianity

Inflation: Particle horizons, flatness and horizon problem, cosmic inflation, inflaton dynamics, relation to cosmological observations


Other teaching experience includes being a teaching assistant for University of Iceland undergraduate classes on linear algebra, partial differential equations, and experimental physics (see description in CV). My lecture notes from partial differential equations (in Icelandic) can be found here. I have also led a problem solving class in Modern Astrophysics for Princeton University science majors.