Research higlights with significant contributions from our group here at Stockholm University. For a full list of publications, see list of publications.

Probing frequency-dependent half-wave plate systematics for CMB experiments with full-sky beam convolution simulations

We study systematic effects from half-wave plates (HWPs) for CMB experiments using full-sky time-domain beam convolution simulations. We investigate how different HWP configurations optimized for dichroic detectors centred at 95 and 150 GHz impact the reconstruction of primordial B-mode polarization.

Adriaan J. Duivenvoorden, Alexandre Adler, Matteo Billi, Nadia Dachlythra, and Jon E. Gudmundsson

Submitted to MNRAS

Modeling sidelobe response for ground-based mm-wavelength telescopes with the geometrical theory of diffraction

Accurate optical modeling is important for the design and characterisation of current and next-generation experiments studying the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). We simulate the optical response of a ground-based two-lens refractor design shielded by a ground screen with time-reversed simulations.

Alexandre Adler and Jon E. Gudmundsson

SPIE Proceedings Volume 11453, Millimeter, Submillimeter, and Far-Infrared Detectors and Instrumentation for Astronomy X

The Simons Observatory: Modeling Optical Systematics in the Large Aperture Telescope

We present geometrical and physical optics simulation results for the Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope. This work was developed as part of the general design process for the telescope; allowing us to evaluate the impact of various design choices on performance metrics and potential systematic effects.

Jon E. Gudmundsson et al.

Applied Optics, in press

Geometrical and physical optics analysis for mm-wavelength refractor telescopes designed to map the cosmic microwave background

We present a compact two-lens HDPE f/1.6 refractor design that is capable of supporting a 28-deg diffraction-limited field of view at 1-mm wavelengths and contrast it to a similar two-lens refractor using silicon lenses. We compare the optical properties of these two systems as predicted by both geometrical and physical optics.

Jon E. Gudmundsson

Applied Optics (link to article )

Full-sky beam convolution for cosmic microwave background applications

We introduce a publicly available full-sky beam convolution code library intended to inform the design of future cosmic microwave background (CMB) instruments and help current experiments probe potential systematic effects.

Adriaan J. Duivenvoorden, Jon E. Gudmundsson, Alexandra S. Rahlin

MNRAS (link to article )